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I have a few plans for other pages festering around in my head, but I am close to my limit on this server. When I find the time, inspiration, and space I may add additional pages of my own and I will provide all of the links here. But in the meantime, why not make a visit to the pages I have already published to the Web?

No Coincidences is my effort to maintain a blog of those special encounters which might apear to be coincidences to some, but I know them to be otherwise - GODincidences.

Tom's Sibling Page catches two glimpses of me and my sister, Janice, across a span of 20 years.

Tom's Genealogy Page is where I offer my thoughts on family history and provide links to my favorite genealogy sites. This is a recent hobby of mine, and I hope to expand the page in the future when I get the time (if that ever happens), so check it out.

Abigail's Domain speaks for itself. This series of pages are comprised mostly of photographs of my former *roommate* -- Stop by and say, "hello" to Abigail and see what she was up to (a few years ago).

Rusty's Recent Ramblings is where Rusty the scribe posts his inquisitive correspondence to various companies.

Get Paid is my own simple explanation of how I have made a little bit of extra cash online. You can too!

Come back later to see what new pages of my own I've added!

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