Here are a number of fun web pages (in no particular order).

First off, I apologize for the lack of any determinable organization on this page.  Most of the links appear in the order that I decided to add them to the page, although I have grouped some together and have tried to include later additions at the same place as any existing sites of similar type, if any. In the future I will try to further classify these sites and rework the page order, but until then, let's get on with the fun...

Also, some of the sites linked on this page were posted as long as ten years ago or more. All of them were worthy and fun sites at the time that I posted them, but the web is a fickle place and sites come and go. I occasionally try to weed out the bad links or search for updated links, but I am not able to do that on a regular basis.  I apologize for any bad links.  If you know of any updated links for any unlinked items below, please send me an e-mail.

WheresGeorge? is a web site where you can log and track the paper currency that you spend in your daily activities. One strict site rule is that the bills must be naturally circulated and entered by other users independently. You can’t mail the bill to your cousin in another time zone just to get a long distance hit. Registered users track their milestone hits to cover all 50 states or in all the counties of a single state, etc. There is great community interaction in the forums. “Georging” is an addictive study in currency circulation!

Opinion Outpost

I used to think those "Get Paid to Take Surveys Online!" junk e-mails were a scam and not worth my time. It took a suggestion from another user of a trusted online community for me to really look into the online survey option. My first survey foray was through Opinion Outpost.

Once registered, I had opportunities to take various surveys online about any number of topics. Each potential survey opportunity required me to qualify through a few initial screening questions. If I qualified for a survey, I then give my thoughts and opinions on that particular topic. Sometimes a survey is directed at a specific demographic group that I do not meet, or else the provider has already received the maximum sought responses from my demographic group. When that happens, the survey ends early in the screening process and I simply wait for another opportunity later.

At Opinion Outpost, each survey I successfully complete adds a range of points to my account. When my account reaches a $5 minimum, I can request by check or credit toward purchases. Most successful surveys pay out anywhere from $1-$4. I reached $8.80 taking five successful surveys in my first two weeks (I first signed up in mid February 2010), and I requested and received checks of $10.00 and $14.00 in my first month. On average I am notified of about 10 surveys a week, and I qualify for about 20-25% of those. (But keep in mind that your results may vary). As of early June of 2010, I've earned $74.70 in less than four months.

If you like the idea of getting paid to offer your opinions and answer questions about your habits, give Opinion Outpost a try. Keep in mind that you may not qualify for as many suveys as I have - or you may qualify for even more than I have. It all depends on whether you meet the profile of the survey's target consumer.

Conquer Club: Risk all your armies on a daring continent grab. Use diplomacy to coordinate a group assault on the game leader. Feel the thrill of victory as you eliminate your last opponent. Conquer Club is an online multiplayer variation of a popular world domination board game. Designed for the casual gamer, playing Conquer Club is not a time consuming process. You can take your turn in 5 minutes with your morning cup of coffee or in between classes. A game typically lasts several days, but hardcore risk takers can play multiple games at once and stay up all night strategizing their next move.

The Nethernet (Formerly PMOG - Passively Multiplayer Online Game) is an online game which players 'passively' participate in while browsing web pages. Players earn data points just by surfing the web, which they can spend on various game items that can be attached to web pages to trigger events when another player next visits that page. "Leave bombs or treasure on websites. Make Missions to send other players across the internets. Will you promote Order or Chaos online?" (This game reqiuires use of theMozilla Firefox web browser with the Nethernet extension installed).

One of the first things I learned in law school is that, wherever the law is involved, you're bound to encounter some pretty hilarious and downright bizarre situations. Check out Dumb Laws and see what idiotic rules are on the books in your city or state. Did you know that it is illegal to throw a snake at another person in the city of Toledo, Ohio?

I have spent quite a bit of time at Fun Trivia: The Trivia Portal where you can take part in trivia quizzes from EVERY SUBJECT IMAGINABLE.

Boy the Bear's Age Gauge asks you to input your birthday and it then tells you how much older/younger you are than a select list of famous people. It will also calculate how old you were during certain historical events of the 20th Century. Other gauges linked from this site include top 40 music, television, and movies.

Wacky Patent of the Month is devoted to recognizing selected inventors and their remarkable and unconventional patented inventions.

TimeLab 2000 is a fun look at history. Find out about how Frisbee started, the first official Christmas, the greatest hoax in history, the first music video, and more. The time line begins in 221 B.C through 1989.

How popular was your first name when your parents gave it to you?  Click here to find out!   And try out other names in this name popularity engine.

Roll the dice for a random link or add your site to the random link database.  

If you're a fan of those brain-teasing logic puzzles, point your browser to The Grey Labyrinth and spend some time working through these problems. And then visit Brain Teasers for more fun.

Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you! Hundreds of articles are divided up into various categories. The site also features some tremendous podcasts on a wide range of topics.I LOVE this site!

Sandlot Science has some really neat optical illusions. Some are stationary images, others include moving objects. Check it out for an interesting perspective.

Grand Illusions is the site for the inquiring mind; with optical illusions, scientific toys, visual effects, and even a little magic.

Psychology Mind Games offers an interesting take on how people view certain things and what those viewpoints really mean..

Jigzone has a number of online jigsaw puzzles that you can put together with a few (or quite a few) clicks of the mouse. Some are easy puzzles, others are more difficult..

The Anagram Engine. Anagrams are words or phrases formed by re-arranging the letters in another word. This site allows you to create your own anagrams, and create and solve other puzzles.

Useless Knowledge is Trivia, Quotes, Quizzes, History, Useless Facts and More! Each day presents a new quote, fact, and word; there is a "This Day in History" feature; a daily trivia factoid; a famous person born on this day; and a question that makes you go "hmmmmm."  A GREAT site for useless knowledge!

Useless Facts is another similar web site. Try the Useless Knowledge above and then try this site. Which do YOU like better?

The Urban Legends Reference Pages will tip you off to those stories you've heard many times over but never knew for sure whether to believe them or not.  (Mikey -- the lover of Life cereal -- DID NOT die from eating pop rocks and drinking coke at the same time).

The Museum of Hoaxes: (From the web site) A hoax is a deceptive act or scheme that plays upon the credulity of others. Great hoaxes, like the moon hoax of 1835 and the Cardiff Giant, manage to create a sense of mystery and astonishment. They force people to question their assumptions, to wonder what is real and what is not. Not so great hoaxes usually manage to be, at the very least, amusing. The worst kind of hoaxes can actually cause serious damage to people's lives and finances.

A number of friends have independently directed me to Peter's Evil Overlord List, so I think a link is deserving. If YOU were an evil overlord, what 100 things would you do to keep your power from crumbling? Take a hint from Peter Anspach (and from any of a number of television and/or movie villains).

Stick Figure Death Theater is an interesting (albeit morbid) collection of animated artwork.

Scott's Amazing Card Trick is a cute site with a quick card trick.

The Rogue Market is a place where you can trade shares of your favorite celebrities, athletes, and other famous personalities -- similar to trading on the stock market. It's the ultimate statement of pop culture in the 90's. The market is currently down, but will hopefully be back up sometime in the future.

Guess the Dictator/Sit-Com Character is an interesting site. Pick out a real life dictator or television sit-com character and the site will guess who you're thinking of after asking you a series of yes/no questions. Waste of time? You bet! But is it fun? Absolutely!

The Twenty Questions web page is just like the game of the same name!

How long can you expect to live? Play the Longevity Game and calculate your life expectancy.

Are you a "nerd?" Take the Official Nerdity Test to determine your Nerd Quotient. (For those of you who are curious, I only scored an 18.20%).

Are you insane? Take the Sanity Test to determine the percentage of your insanity. (For those of you who are curious, I am 47.27% insane).

Emode has over 50 surveys/tests you can take related to personality, relationships, career, and health. My favorites would have to be: "Are You a Disgruntled Lawyer?," Are You Loony?," and "What's Your Superpower?"

Can you identify candy bars by looking at their cross section? Make a guess and click on the images to find the answers at Name that Candybar.

High Anxiety is a must see site for roller coaster fans. Options there (among others) include building your own coaster, and taking a video ride on an existing coaster.

Of course, the greatest Roller Coaster park in the world is in Sandusky, Ohio at Cedar Point. The Millennium Force giga-coaster, which debuted at the park in the 2000 season is totally outrageous! I remember when the Magnum XL-200 was built and it was the latest craze, but this thing is UNBELIEVABLE!!! The MF has a 300 foot drop at an 80░ angle of descent. That was CRAZY! But new for the 2003 season is Top Thrill Dragster, which weighs in at 420 feet high, 90░ angle of ascent and descent, and 120 MPH. This is beyond crazy!

Point Buzz is the premier message board for discussing Cedar Point with other enthusiasts. Check it out!

Some other coaster related pages you may want to check out: CoasterNet includes Coaster Galleries, Park information and news, and many other coaster related topics. Thrill Ride offers similar content including Ride Reviews and Wild Rumors about the developments of the major theme and amusement parks.

Duct Tape on the Web: “The Ultimate Power Tool.” Remember, it ain’t broke, it just lacks duct tape.

The Internet Movie Database contains what appears to be a complete and extensive database of every movie and television show ever produced and all actors and actresses appearing in those movies and shows. You can search by actor/actress name or by movie/television show title. If searching by actor/actress, you will find a page with a full list of every role that performer has played with a link to each production. If searching by title, you will find a page with a complete cast list with a link to each cast member’s page. Each search method fully complements the other.

Virtual Bubblewrap has to be just about the most useless web page I have ever seen. So I've decided to feature it here!

Ever feel like tossing everything in your office in the trash? Well, don't do it! It can cause an painful condition known as "unemployment"!! Instead, take out your frustrations by playing the Executive Basketball game. Your objective? Score points by tossing everything from papers to your coffee mug into the trash.

Web cams!

Have you ever wondered what your neighborhood looks like from space? TerraServer contains a huge database of satellite photos which you can view and zoom in to examine specific features of the land in surprising detail.

Many of you have probably seen or even received electronic postcards and greeting cards. Here are a few sites that offer these services. Why not send a card to one of your online friends? Don't have any online friends? Send one to me! ;-) Blue Mountain Online Greeting Cards, The Electronic Postcard Card Rack.

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