Some personal friends of mine have web pages that are worth a visit.

Many of the sites previously posted here are no longer present on the web. I have since removed them, but I will add more links from personal friends as I discover them.

Oscar Duncan has put together a wonderful collection of Catholic Apologetics at Three Steps to the Fountain.

Martin Koop has a blog devoted to Lawyerin', Racin', Fishin', Guitar Pickin', and such.

Clayton Emmer has a blog devoted to the Catholic faith.

Some other people I know only through cyber-correspondence. I'm not going to turn my page into a free-for-all link site, but I will feature any web sites that I've deemed "worthy" for one reason or another. Rest assured that any pages I list here are personally *screened* by Yours Truly and I won't permit just any Yahoo's web page to be featured here.

Dave has a fine page and many good things to say about life and faith, but he intermixes these topics with some other lighthearted, humorous, and downright interesting ideas. Stop by Dave Kellow's Web World and give him your thoughts on his contribution to the Web.

Dino's Amateur Radio Site has a web page with useful links for all of his many hobbies, including sports and amateur radio, among others. Many good photos as well.

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These modifications included: new link added!!!

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